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New York Brain Damage Information

Provided by a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney

Brain damage can occur from many kinds of trauma or insult to the head and brain. Any brain or head injury resulting from the negligence or medical malpractice of another party can cause serious physical problems such as speech and language difficulties, balance and movement problems, and the inability to care for one's self and can be the basis for a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties.

An insult to the brain is one of the most devastating injuries that can happen to someone, resulting in severe disabilities, not only in thinking and cognition, but also in the ability to perform the normal, seemingly simple activities of daily living.

Just being able to brush one’s teeth can become an impossible task.  Loss of memory may mean that work is impossible, even if one is physically functional.  Many brain-injured victims are unable to get in and out of a bed without assistance, oftentimes requiring a mechanical hoist.  The cost of caring for victims of brain injury can be astronomical.

Brain damage can occur many different ways – as a result of trauma caused by assault and battery, or a fall, or an automobile or construction accident.  Brain damage can also, unfortunately, occur as a result of medical malpractice, such as a failure to administer anesthesia properly, or a failure to recognize and act promptly in the face of symptoms like a blockage of the respiratory system or a stroke.

When brain injury occurs, finding a highly qualified, respected attorney to assess and evaluate the injury and its cause is essential.   Retaining Walter G. Alton, Jr., Esq., a well-regarded and experienced trial attorney, will allow you to have your legal rights pursued thoroughly with empathy and compassion by a fearless advocate.

If you or your loved ones have suffered brain damage as a result of an accident, negligence or medical malpractice, contact New York medical malpractice lawyer Walter G. Alton, Jr. to review your legal rights under negligence or malpractice law.