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New York Personal Injury Testimonials

Mr. Alton took on my case after another "high profile" attorney declined to because of the amount of time needed and the uncertainty of a positive outcome. He and his staff worked on my case for 8 years. Through out that time they kept me informed on the progress of my case. They were truly concerned about me and my families health and well being.

When my case went to trial it was amazing to see him in action. His knowledge and expertise in my medical condition was equal to or better then some of the doctors I have seen over the years. He has the ability to make anyone understand the most complex medical conditions. The expert witnesses he called were unimpeachable and were the best in their field. In the end the jury awarded me nearly every penny he had asked for.


In 2009 I sustained an injury that I believed was due to medical negligence that left me with permanently impaired vision. As an artist, this was devastating for me personally, but also it ended my career as an art schoolteacher as I was forced to retire very early which caused significant financial hardship.

Mr. Alton took my case, which lasted 5 years, I quickly realized I made the right choice. He understood and cared about how my injury affected me, and genuinely wanted to help make things right. Together with his assistant and his staff, their patience, hard work and relentless search for facts and the truth has earned my deepest admiration, gratitude and respect for their professionalism.

They kept me updated and we willing to speak with me anytime of the day or week. They always explained everything that was happening and what the next steps would be. Many of the complexities involved in hunting down important documented facts pertaining to my case were handled by Mr. Alton, himself. He ultimately reached a successful and substantial settlement for me at trial.

There are no words to describe my gratitude to Mr. Alton, his assistant and staff for all the hard work they have done on my behalf. I wholeheartedly recommend attorney, Walter G. Alton, Jr. and his staff. Truly, they are the best.


As a client of Walter G. Alton, Jr. & Associates, I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and personal care and understanding I found dealing with Walter, Victoria and the entire staff. My case was very involved and required several years of gathering paperwork, taking depositions and sorting out facts to bring it to a successful conclusion. The professional yet personal relationship I had with Mr. Alton and his staff kept me up-to-date with the current events of my case, but, at the same time, not making me completely involved in assisting in any way more than was necessary.

As the result of much hard work on the part of Mr. Alton and his staff, we were able to secure a settlement in my medical malpractice lawsuit that, although I continue to live with a handicap, enables my husband and myself to feel safe and secure moving forward in our lives. Our sincerest thanks to Walter G. Alton, Jr. & Associates for their help, good work and success in our behalf.


Seven years ago, at the age of 35, I went into surgery for my second total hip replacement. Unfortunately this didn't go as smoothly as my first. I was in the hospital for almost a month with complications and saw my future as a physical education teacher in jeopardy, not to mention the fact I had a three year old son unable to understand why I couldn't run and play with him. In a blink of an eye my whole life had been turned upside down. I contacted Mr. Alton and scheduled an appointment. Mr. Alton greeted me and there was a friendly and comfortable atmosphere from the start. After listening to my version of what happened, Mr. Alton felt I had a case and began an investigation. Mr. Alton and his firm were always willing to take my calls and answer my questions, often needing to explain things in simpler terms versus technical legal jargon. This was a long and tedious process and Mr. Alton was able to contact specialists and have me seen to not only understand what went wrong, but to help investigate ways the damage may possibly be reversed. The support and guidance given by Mr. Alton and his staff was exemplary and greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't wish my situation or other forms of malpractice on anyone, but if sadly you find yourself in that position I would highly recommend Walter G. Alton Jr. and Associates. Thank you for your help and guidance.


In 2003, I had a severe head injury as a result of an unfortunate incident. My parents found a name of Walter G. Alton, Jr. on Martindale Hubbell online.After the meeting with Walter G. Alton, Jr. my parents agreed that he is knowledgeable and competent and they hired him to represent me in a lawsuit. Walter G. Alton, Jr.provided exceptional service throughout my case. He made my family and me feel comfortable during the entire duration of my case. Mr.Altonisprofessional, courteous, and determined, and his knowledge of the lawand medical fieldmade me feel confident about the outcome of the case.Mr.Alton provided great advice and guidance, which prepared me extremely well during the deposition and throughout my case.Mr. Alton, Jr.’s staff was always preparedand followed up with me regarding the smallest details. I highly recommend Walter G. Alton, anyone searching for an intelligent, skilled, and strong-minded attorney.


There are not words to describe my feeling about Walter Alton and his staff. The personal attention and careful gathering of the facts pertaining to my case were inspiring. He understood the mixed emotions that I was experiencing having to bring legal action against a medical institution that I had dealt with for over 23 years. I cannot state that this is an easy process. Placing a dollar amount on your health is down right scary. But somehow Mr Alton made this process tolerable. He helped me to understand that asking people to accept responsibility for their actions is not a bad thing, it's really the only thing each and everyone of us can do. Walter Alton is the best, and he helped me feel OK about moving on with my life, and for that I say to him thank you.